Saturday, November 27, 2010

Quantum physicists that work their way towards understanding consciousness

Obviously, I have not contributed to my blog in quite a while. It is not out of not wanting to, but, to write, one must have something to say. And comments and questions about what I write are few and far between, so inspiration for further painting the roadmap from classical mind to quantum supermind has been somewhat lacking. But on a sleepless night after viewing Nassim Haramein's Grand Unified Field videos, inspiration has returned. I also recommend David Sereda's Quantum Communication film. Both these explorers start from the physics, and then work towards the implications for the mind, whereas regular readers of this blog know that I start with consciousness and work my way towards the physics. I wish to meet Nassim Haramein, for I believe we would have much to contribute to each other. Anyway, I ordered his 4-DVD package, so he'll contribute to my work, in any case. I will likely have further posts in the coming weeks once I start viewing them, and I start tying in his physics work with my consciousness work.

In his abovementioned 6 x 15-minute videos, he mentions many things, among which the mass of the vacuum of space being infinite. Or near-infinite, whatever. I wish to address his videos, and if you have not viewed them, they will be indispensable to understanding this post, so please take the time to do so. They are fascinating in their own right, anyway.

I have indeed stated that the gateway to omniscience lies at the center within, just as Nassim does. When quanta undergo their "vanishing" period, whereby they cease to exist in our universe, they either cease to exist as expressed or differentiated energies, or go into "other dimensions". My research has led me to conclude that they go to "dimension zero", the dimension of the dot, which is the absolute conductor of everything. This dimension has no size, and so it cannot be measured in any way. Yet there is ample evidence for its existence, for example in the instantaneous transfer of information, irrespective of distance, which occurs in entangled particles, and of course the vanishing period of quanta. Whatever you wish to call this dimension, "vacuum" is a poor name for it, since vacuum designates a space empty of matter, whereas the dimension zero certainly is without any space component.

I am not here debating Nassim's paper on the mass of vacuum. It explains way too much, and works with everything I know to be true, so there is no discussing his conclusions, at least on the physics side of things. I wish to contribute to the consciousness side of his work. The re-engineering of mind which these pages will eventually describe has for goal the ability for consciousness to follow the quanta from "existence" to "nonexistence" in the dimension zero, where space does not exist, yet everything which exists in space does visit from time to time. A consciousness that does this has thus escaped the material bonds that ties it to a mortal body and will of course continue forever, for where there is no space, it can be asserted with some degree of certainty that there is no time. Moreover, given that this consciousness has escaped physicality without undergoing the experience of death, there is reason to believe that its dependence on a physical medium for its continued experience is no more. As such, attaining the dimension zero is the key to immortality.

I would like here to add my two cents' worth about matter. Matter is quanta, and quanta appear and disappear from the dimension zero at quick intervals. Quanta are nothing else than electromagnetic waves, which ride "vacuum" which is infinitely massive. Our bodies are thus also infinitely massive, and so on, which renders the entire idea of mass to be little more than a curious mind-stretching exercise of sorts. Why then is mass a measurable thing in classical physics? Because the mass of the vacuum is taken out of the equation, which is something Nassim explained better than I ever could. So we are able to measure the mass of only the quanta themselves without the mass of the vacuum which contains them, and so on.

Now we all know that physical matter does not exist as such, it is only a bunch of electromagnetic waves which through some (magical?) process, we are able to see as solid matter, whereas it is mostly vacuum with some quanta moving around in it. I wish to address this process now, in a most thorough fashion if possible. I have stated before that "matter" is simply a collapse, an interpretation of what these quanta mean. As such, a being of a fully different nature might look at the same quanta and experience something wildly different, to the point of not even having any kind of meaning for a human mind. I am stating here that the conditioning of our minds and consciousnesses is what determines the nature and form of the collapse which we call matter.

Even quanta might be collapses of even more primal energies, and so on down the rabbit hole, until we reach... Once again, dimension zero. The dot. This would mean that everything emanates from the dot and that our relationship with what emanates from there is determined by our minds' conditioning. If indeed such is the case, then de-conditioning the mind, freeing consciousness from memory, would be the ultimate key to communion with the dot and of course the ability to emanate at will from it, and collapsing whatever energies one might choose to, such as a physical body. Mass being infinite everywhere, you basically have the entire creation available everywhere at any time. Reaching into the dot would enable one to palpate any region of the universe at any point in time, and use the very universe itself as an information device, instead of relying on memory, which is of a conceptual and thus symbolic nature. Symbols do have some information value, but not nearly as much as the object which they purport to somehow represent. This would be the attainment of omniscience.

I have experienced phenomena of communication with "the dot" and indeed, it seems all answers reside there. I do not yet seem to possess the ability to actually vanish into the dot, and that's all for good, since it is my goal to teach mankind how to do so, and I might get distracted if I start playing with that stuff. But let me tell you about my experience with the dot and what's in there. I have come to realize that like all matter, it seems consciousness ultimately originates in the dot, and that our entire beings are unable to live in matter, so that only some parts are here in the solid world, the rest being left behind in the dot.

That part, which spirituality has named "the higher self" or "divine self" is indeed omniscient and possesses a bunch of other qualities, such as being utterly devoid of the ability to experience solid matter, intellect, intuition, as well as feelings and emotions. It is also empowered with a little something-something, which is called gravity, which when it is applied to consciousness, can also be named "love". Not Romeo & Juliet, nor the love of a mother for a child. Those are emotional, and as stated above, that part which resides in the dot, does not deal in feelings. Yet its mind-gravity is real, and like a black hole pulling irresistibly, its goal is to shrink man's consciousness to a dot, so that Man can be made whole.

To recap, I am stating that our "higher selves" which are nothing else than "the rest" of our beings, reside in a size-less source-dimension from which they influence our lives so that we may eventually evolve to a state which would enable us to converse and even fuse back together with them after having known the terrible limitation of a material life, bringing back with us the incredible experience of the journey. There is more. The very process of fusion generates an intermediary state between the dot and actual matter (call it the quantum state?) where the sum of the being can actually exist with all its parts. The experience of the uncollapsed quantum universe is bound to be a strange one, and obviously our minds need quite a bit of training and tuning before such a thing is even conceived of, lest they be torn to shreds at the very onset of any such attempt. Obviously, the omniscient part of us knows this and it is doing as best it can with our obtuse, stupid, heavy, slow, moronic, blind material beings. It is slow going. Could be quicker, if only we could start removing the obstacles to the transformation, and this is what this blog is all about.

Experiencing the uncollapsed, pure quantum state would allow a consciousness to collapse it at will into whatever it would like, seemingly commanding matter like child's play. Of course, matter being just an interpretation of quanta, it's not very difficult at all, all you need to do is to get there. So in essence, reaching the dot would mean immortality, teleportation, full command of matter at will. Sounds to me like it would be worth a bit of work, no problem.

I would like to talk about alternate dimensions and telepathy now but finally, sleep is catching up to me. Please leave comments if you have any, or questions.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Self-hypnosis, Brainwashing and the Ego Delusion

Humans of the current era live in a perpetual state of self-hypnosis. This self-suggestive mechanism arises from a need to construct a personal means of understanding life in the classical dimensions making up what we call space. As such, the behavior of people and objects in this solid-form universe is observed, and an attempt at deriving a rigid equation of action-consequence is made. Such a thing may seem useful in appearance, but one thing remains certain: once such mechanical 'understanding' of 'life' is installed, one cannot access the quantum universe, for this 'understanding' of 'life' would there become null and void. That which is beyond form cannot be made sense of, and is thus ignored.

The reflex of ignoring that which cannot be understood stems from the impetus of deriving a mechanical understanding of the workings of the world. This impetus, which makes complete sense when one considers a newborn baby, whose senses are overwhelmed by various stimuli which he does not understand, comes from yet another deeper layer of need, that of concentrating on form. Newborns may or may not be completely limited to form. As a matter of fact, one can surmise that, since the sum of human conditioning is based on an exaggerated value placed on form above other manifestations, it follows that a newborn baby, obviously much less conditioned, must be much less limited to form than adults are. But the circle goes round and parents, with good intentions and all, focussed entirely on form, teach the newborn to do the same, if even only by responding only to form-based stimuli and information.

Driven thus to observe only form, it follows that whatever understanding of what happens must be form-based, and this means a fundamentally mechanical nature. The new person tries to isolate that which matters in the equations of life. For example, one of the very first things that new people learn is that manipulation is the key to life. Manipulating others to do their bidding seems to the newborn like an impossibly attractive mega-power. And yet, she can clearly see that the right laughter, the right tears, in the right situations, will yield her more attention, cuddling, etc. And so she is taught to manipulate parents and family in order to get what she wants. Each family is different, and their particular degree of response to such manipulative maneuvers on the part of their new daughter (or son, obviously) will dictate how thoroughly she will depend on manipulation in order to obtain that which is the object of her desire.

This process of isolating the important pieces of (form-based) information constitutes the very basis for self-hypnosis. One tells oneself to observe that very attentively. As time progresses and the person's understanding of things migrates toward the norm of their civilization out of there being no other kind of stimulus available to her, some of the more universally 'important' stimuli are isolated: status is king, and its constituents are money, mating, power, influence, etc. Once these things are successfully identified and isolated by the person, and focus on them is achieved, you have a 'normal' human being.

Such a normal person will behave more or less correctly according to the rules of their civilization, depending on how much weight the normal moral indoctrination is given in comparison to the aforementioned stimuli. Someone who is given little moral guidance will become a 'successful' individual, one who can 'step on toes' in order to achieve 'greatness'. Those who end up with the reverse, such as in most 'civilized' countries, especially those tainted by the very famous 'Christian' morality, become superb slaves, all too ready to sacrifice themselves for the 'good' of others, and only in for 'earning god's approval' and 'a place in paradise' once life is over.

One could be particularly cynical and assert that the western morality is an extremely effective design at creating nations filled with slaves. If there is a god, especially a god who loves his children, he gave each human a life to live, not to sacrifice so that others' lives can be better. If he loves them, and created them in his image, and that means perfect, they already have his approval and all the resources to make their life as perfect as they are, negating the need for anyone to sacrifice for anyone else. One may squander his life in sacrifice for others without angering this putative god, whose gift of life is meant to be used as each wishes, but doing so will certainly not earn greater favor on his part once it is all done. No, honoring one's life would be beautifying it, making it grand, not making it a painful sacrifice.

* * * * *

Self-hypnosis is at its most intense in regard to the evaluation of oneself. One observes one's actions and reactions, and identifies to them. This is particularly important. One makes himself believe that one is like his actions. The more this happens, the more a rigid, apparently permanent self-image is composed. It becomes 'the self' or, in common parlance, 'me'. But this 'me' is simply the cumulative result of observing one's actions and identifying with them. It is nothing but the result of an exercise in self-hypnosis.

One might be tempted to reply that these things are fully normal and expected and that this is a very valid process of identity creation. And here we will disagree, for I say each person, no matter how young, has an identity. Who, with any experience with new people, will state that a two-day-old baby has no personal identity? Likely very few. And yet, if we are born with identity, and how could we not, as we are people, why then is there anything normal and good about 'creating' one's identity? Does it serve a purpose? Of course it does. When does this purpose become a nuisance though, that is altogether another question, one reserved for another post.

Normal psychology states that it is in the teenage years that identity is created. Now that the process by which this is achieved is clearer, we can delve into the context of this so-called 'identity creation.' One already has a behavior as a child. Such behavior is sometimes even completely spontaneous, and children's spontaneity is often referred to as one of the most beautiful events to behold. Indeed, I hold that such are the direct manifestation of the person's true Identity. Insofar as the behavior is truly spontaneous, it cannot ever be integrated into a rule of 'I am thus' because spontaneity is uniqueness, and if one's actions are each unique, no fundamental rule can be deduced as to their inner workings. They will remain a mystery, yet ever beautiful, out of being as perfect as one's true Identity.

But as childhood advances, social pressures increase, along with the adoption of adult values, haphazardly and incongruously at first, and in a more and more organized manner as the child approaches adulthood. At puberty, a form of total psychological warfare is waged on the teenager who still holds true to the child within. Generally speaking, no form of violence is spared in the social imperative of conformity. This is where peer pressure results in brainwashing: behavior is dictated from the outside, in. Once this is achieved, usually in late childhood or early teenage, but sometimes much later, then 'identity creation' takes place.

But this identity is fully dictated by the outside. And of course, somewhat less directly by the values of the preceding adult population, and often most importantly a reversal of those values which resulted in a negative experience on the part of the younger generation. So in essence, a person's self-image is the result of a reworking of the values which were most prevalent in their childhood. This has resulted in psychology asserting things such as 'We are the product of our environment.' This may be true in a very effective and verifiable manner, but it is not absolutely true at all. It is even thoroughly false, and should be reworded as 'What we believe to be is the product of our environment.'

And so, man gets brainwashed into believing to be something which has nothing to do with him individually, and then goes on to live a life according to this ego delusion, trying as best he can, to be happy. It does not work. And all the self-improvement in the world will do nothing for anyone in this regard, for we are talking about an improvement of this fake self, the only 'me' which a person can have. That self needs not be 'improved.' It needs be destroyed, if one is to ever know the freedom of the mind, soul and spirit that constitutes the deepest yearning in every human being ever to live on this planet.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Gateway To Quantum Consciousness

Quantum Consciousness isn't some sort of altered state of consciousness, or even another state of consciousness altogether. It is much, much more profound than that. It is fully another kind of consciousness. The only resemblence with man's usual consciousness states, altered or otherwise, is that he realizes he is there and something is happening, which is what consciousness is.

We may characterize consciousness in terms of depth or width. Someone may be conscious of a lot of things even at the same time, which constitutes width of consciousness. Someone may be conscious of the why, how, and many layers thereof, of anything happening, which constitutes depth of consciousness. And finally someone may have grown their consciousness to both characteristics, resulting into a particularly astute observer, with a surprisingly keen understanding of the motives of people around them and the workings of things on both social and personal levels, among others.

Yet, none of this constitutes Quantum Consciousness. No, these characteristics are simply the result of honing and perfecting the 'normal' human consciousness to a greater degree of usefulness. A neanderthal may be conscious of little else than what his 5 senses tell him, and that is fine, for he must hunt to survive, and defend himself against predators. But as the human race evolves, simple survival becomes less and less of an all-important matter. Indeed, more evolved people may state that life is worth nothing if one is not growing into a greater understanding of self, man, life and the universe. So acquiring depth and width of consciousness are a natural part of the refinement of the evolving mind. They do not, as one could expect, constitute the be-all, end-all, state-of-the-art pinnacle of potential evolution of consciousness though. That is what Quantum Consciousness is.

The full experience of Quantum Consciousness resembles that of a simple gong, vibrating to one frequency at a time. To further the analogy, the shape of the gong is such that the subtleties of frenquency and waveform and its other vibratory characteristics are quite infinite, giving this 'gong' an ability to vibrate any information which may exist in the entire Universe and reproducing it. Such is the full experience of Quantum Consciousness: Fact is vibrated in every cell, every atom of the body, and the being is in motion, expressing this Universal, Absolute, Fact.

This requires absolute abandon of the ego to the gateway of his Quantum Consciousness, which we may name his ethereal self, or Cosmic Self. This part of every human being resides everywhere and all the time in all the universe. It is not bound by space, time, or anything else at all that a human being might imagine as being a limitation. In order to achieve this, very unsurprisingly to the Psientists, this self must be dimensionless: it is of the measure of a quanta, pure energy, and it easily occupies no space at all in the material world.

To sum up some of what I am offering here, the ego must surrender thoroughly to a part of himself that is infinitely small. And indeed, that part of himself is infinitely powerless, being a simple quanta. It is also indestructible and unlimitable, and has instant access to all the information in the universe. The power is in the ego. Yet if that ego is misguided and stumbles along relying on illusions, concepts, to guide the poor consciousness that inhabits it, a life of difficulty and strife, trouble, disease, poverty and disarray ensues. That is what we, the human race, have been doing for a very, very long time. But if an ego would happen to have access to all the information in the universe, including that of the transformation of matter to energy and vice-versa, suddenly, we have a person who is a human being, yet is now fully unbound by the laws of macroscopicity, classical physics, solid matter. And this is simply one of the very many considerations that such a setup allows.

But the ego is hugely insecure. That is understandable: with all its might, it is glaringly ineffective, except at unintended consequences and destruction, all because man's ego is completely ignorant of the Cosmic and Quantum realities that are so much more important than the reductionist experience of brutish, form-based, solid matter. So, to compensate for his lack of true ability to understand anything truly real and important, man has created concepts, which are simple symbols representing observed aspects of reality as it was perceived to be experienced when it was. Such mere symbols do NOT hold the information value of whatever part of reality one wishes to represent with them, and as such, their use leads to all the errors, unintended consequences and destruction which man so clearly spreads around the globe.

Man's consciousness has been hypnotized by the universe of concepts for thousands upon thousands of years. Obviously, negating their perceived value in his mind is a humongous undertaking, of which only the more refined minds can even possibly glimpse the value. And only a mind that has thoroughly uprooted concepts as its means of information is sufficiently quiet in order to perceive the extremely faint, yet omnipresent impulse of that Quantum Self, offering itself to him. Thoughts and concepts only detract from this incessant gift of the highest value and easily drown it under its gibbering discourse of blabbering, complex, nonsense.

The ego, seat of power in Man, must willfully choose and decide to surrender fully to a part of him that is much smaller than any atom, and equally powerless when without his full cooperation. This Quantum Self, infinitely valuable, can only be harnessed by those who will make themselves smaller than a quanta, get behind it, and willfully push it forward in an explosion of beauty, joy and greatness. This requires the following absolutes:

1. Absolute recognition of the Quantum Self within
2. Absolute recognition of the incompetence of 'normal' mind
3. Absolute determination to unwaveringly follow
4. Absolute determination to MAKE the Quantum Self lead
5. Absolute determination to never, ever waver from this pact with oneself
6. Absolute annihilation of any degree of psychological insecurity

If one of these requirements should be not fully absolute, it will fail and the ego will lose the most infinitely valuable gift never, ever conceived of, the Quantum Self. And losing it is more dire than one can imagine, because to be suddenly devoid of the most incredible, absolute, infinite intelligence to ever exist, looks like justifiable cause for insecurity of the ego, which leads to a vicious cycle. Insecurity is the most terrible enemy of man here, for if partial experiences of communications with the Quantum Mind can be experienced without fully absolute achievement of the 5 other points, the sixth, insecurity, makes a mind completely lost to the Cosmic, Absolute, Universal Intelligence of the Quantum Mind.

1. Absolute recognition of the Quantum Self within
The ego can truly become a gong of sorts, expressing perfectly the Absolute Intelligence of the Quantum Self, but only after fully perfecting the 6 points above. Yet, the Quantum Mind always inhabits the ego, and always offers itself fully to him. In order to find this infinitely small point, one must refine sensitivity to extreme heights and of course be able to commune with that extreme sensitivity without emotion. Doing so, he will look for a hyper-ultra-small-tiny-tiny-tiny-tiny point, at the root of his self, deep within his heart chakra. The first contact will absolutely be a very tearful moment, for after having been shunned in its gift-giving for so many years, the infinite love of the Quantum Self for the ego is truly a mind-blowing experience. And that is an understatement.

2. Absolute recognition of the incompetence of 'normal' mind
I have expressed elsewhere in this blog, the uselessness of concepts as a means of information, and of emotion as a means of guidance. Of intellect as a means of understanding. Of intuition as another. The importance of recognizing the absolute incompetence of our conceptual minds and that all the problems, of psycholgical, social, physical, medical, financial, economic, environmental, political or of ANY other nature, derive directly from the grim charade of this fiction of our minds, cannot ever be overemphasized. As with any other points I bring up, please, if you feel I have not provided sufficient information to clarify my position fully, ask a question in the comments below. I will clarify my position until no question remains, either that I am a raving lunatic (wink) or that, by golly, this is really true...

3. Absolute determination to unwaveringly follow
The Quantum Self, for all it can contribute out of infinite Intelligence and Love, cannot force the ego to do what it says. For that it would need willpower, and willpower is what the ego is for. So the only way the relationship can work is if the part that has the consciousness and the willpower, follows and executes what the part with Intelligence and Love advises. So it is much like a rhinoceros following a bee. The rhinoceros is very mighty but does not understand much at all of what the bee intends. But, in this metaphor, the bee is infinitely more intelligent than the rhinoceros, and loves him absolutely. And so, even if the bee wanted to, the poor, stupid rhino could never understand what the bee is having him achieve. He will see when he gets there and it will be glorious beyond his ability to imagine. The hyper-intelligent bee directs the great might of the rhino to achieving things that a mere rhino could never figure out to do on his own. It is, indeed, a very joyous place to be, where celebration gives way to more celebration.

4. Absolute determination to MAKE the Quantum Self lead
Indeed, for the ego to get behind his Quantum Self is one thing, and MAKING the Quantum Self lead him, is yet something else. Stepping behind the infinitely small Quantum Self requires an nearly-infinite diminishing of the ego's self-importance. Yet once he has done that, he must direct his willpower at the Cosmic Self, ordering it to lead him. Not where. Not how. DO IT. I FOLLOW. Surprisingly, such an order, given well and right, results in a fantastic surge of joy within, and spontaneity without. And then the ego must keep pushing it forward. His life is suddenly turning into a paradise, and not only out of the joy and spontaneity, but the quality of consequences that arise out of willpower directed with Absolutely perfect and infinite Intelligence, guided by absolute devotion and love for him, is truly staggering. The first few times one will do this, likely he will stumble and undergo some degree of fear, believing some sort of notion that he is not worthy of such a fantastic life experience, much less a continued crescendo thereof. And yet, he IS worthy. We are ALL worthy.

5. Absolute determination to never, ever waver from this pact with oneself
After a history of thousands of years of being conditioned to a life of mediocrity and suffering, the anointed 'reasons' why the Paradise life cannot be ours are well-seated within humans. Cleansing the soul of such things is of extreme importance, and one may see them surge with surprising strength after believing they were all gone, once the process of growing Paradise into one's life has begun. This may very well interrupt and derail the process. Eventually one grows an ABSOLUTE determination to never ever waver from the pact of making the Quantum Self lead one's ego into the magnificent, joyous and playful adventure of Paradise life. Once this decision is made and firm, the ability for misguided disinformation to stop the process is nearly nullified.

6. Absolute annihilation of any degree of psychological insecurity
Insecurity begets doubt and questions. The role of the Quantum Self is to lead, not to reassure. If it would reassure, it would cater to a failing in the ego, and such weakness would mean improper implementation of what it leads to, and destructive forces would again appear in man's experience. When insecurity arises, the ego stops being a center of conscious willpower direction, and becomes instead a center of doubtful willpower indirection, as the ego seeks confirmation as to what is the proper direction to give its willpower, and in doing so, since it will never get an answer from the Cosmic Self, it will seek it where such an answer can be obtained: concepts. And conceptual mind IS truly the root of all troubles, big and small. So yes an answer will be acquired, but it will be fictitious. Man must exhaust any potential for insecurity before he is truly installed in the process of Paradise life.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Reaching Emotional Transcendance

Outgrowing emotion through evolution may seem like a strange idea. Certainly spiritual people will respond to this idea with the argument that emotion or sensitivity is of paramount importance in evolution and that smothering them is not beneficial in any way whatsoever. I agree.

The confusion arises in that emotion and sensitivity seem intrinsically joined and inseparable. Indeed, the human experience of sensitivity happens, with near-absolute exclusivity, through emotion. But this does not necessarily mean that emotion be indissociable from sensitivity. Although it does seem logical that some degree of sensitivity is necessary in order for emotion to arise - who has ever seen an angry rock? - on the other side of this putative equation, there is nothing in theory that prevents humans from experiencing sensitivity without emotion, in the right conditions.

Emotions are derived from beliefs. If your religion is that of ancient Rome, hearing someone insult Jesus would do nothing to your emotions. You simply couldn't care less about "Jesus Christ". But if you are a good Catholic for example, you would feel some emotion from hearing the same thing. Valuing a concept, which is the action of believing, enables the shocking of sensitivity and thus the creation of the emotional phenomenon. The emotion is the subjective perception of the unbalancing effect of the impact of a belief on the soul. This impact is created by the expression, either by a person, object or even circumstance, that a concept does not hold the exact value which we hold to it. This challenge of value is a shock because valuing concepts is a purely arbitrary thing, it rests on nothing any more real than our desire for things to be the way we imagine them to be, if only out of simple habit or a pressure towards conformity.

Emotion does many things to us. Many terrible crimes are committed under the influence of emotion. Certainly a person who is deathly afraid, or completely enraged, or again in the throes of utter despair, isn't the most reasonable, clear-thinking person you will meet, quite the contrary. Indeed, it is quite true that emotion unbalances the mind enough that the higher mind abilities, commonly referred to as "intelligence", are seemingly lost. And this is quite a grim situation, for if a person should be devoid of her mind's best abilities, how is she to cope with the world and make a decent life for herself? And yet, we live in a world which sanctions, encourages and even seeks emotion on a grand scale, among others, through its various entertainment devices. What fate awaits a civilization for which entertainment is another word for emotional stimulation? The prospect is grim, considering that such constitutes a training for living without the mind's higher functions. It is no wonder that between the manic and the lost, few people are truly balanced in such a way as to retain their minds' better abilities.

Smothering sensitivity and, with it, emotion certainly is not a solution. Males of all civilizations have been very good at this, and their cold, calculating ways, so perfect for business, which is nothing else than a type of economic warfare, have more or less completely destroyed the world. Females have been no better, attempting to control the males through manipulative tactics which amount to emotional warfare, using even the male sex drive against him in order to bend him to her purposes. No, the emotional lives of the masses of the current civilization are most definitely not healthy at all. As a matter of fact, looking at it from this angle, is it ever a wonder that the world be in such a bad state? For I believe we are looking here at the most intimate workings of the human equation. Bring about an "emotional" life that lets human beings readily access and live according to their better mind abilities, and the world will not be just a "better" place. It will be absolutely transformed into a truly beautiful place where living is a pleasure, not a fight to the death.

If smothering sensitivity and emotion gave us a world in decay where life is uncomfortable at best, and emotional excess does no better, then indeed, emotion is the problem, not sensitivity itself. Sensitivity is the ability of a mind to register subtle information. It certainly is the gateway to the highest abilities that a mind can have, for if brutish survival instincts were once the only requirements to continued survival, which was the only thing, achieving a life of plenitude certainly requires a much more subtle operating universe for the mind. And as such, tuning into one's sensitivity, without the debilitating effect of emotion, is the real solution. And in order to do so, emotional transcendance must be reached. And doing so requires destroying beliefs, cutting off relationships with any and all concepts.

A mind that does not value concepts can still deal with the conceptual universe quite well, for it encompasses the abilities of a concept-based mind, and many more, given that sensitivity can be used for ever higher mind functions, being freed from the debilitating effect of emotion. Reaching emotional transcendance is not something that will be achieved randomly or for simple curiosity. It is a lot of work. It requires learning to 'step back' from one's emotional experience, questioning it, finding the belief that causes the emotion, and destroying it. Over and over again, until nothing is left, but an undisturbable, clear mind. And not one of these 4 steps is easy.

Stepping Back
As emotion arises in the person, she must learn to remain aware of herself and what is happening within. Aware of the emotion, of what thoughts come with it, of how her body moves and generally behaves, any tensions in the body, and any other physical feelings, thoughts or any other information she is able to access about herself. This is not achieved overnight, as the emotion tends to overpower everything else, and one loses consciousness of oneself easily when under its influence, diving to the level of mechanistic, animalistic reaction instead of truly human, meaningful and intelligent action. But effort does bear fruit and by reminding herself to 'step back' from her next emotional experience, the person eventually develops the ability to observe herself more and more completely as she undergoes the emotional experience. Only once this stage has been reached, can she actually do something about it.

Questioning the emotion
By this I mean more than intellectual play of 'questioning' the what, how and why of the emotion. I mean, actually putting questions to that part within which is undergoing the emotional experience about it. The answer which is sought is always one of internal, rather than external cause for an emotion. Yes, the event occurs through an external stimulus, but it is the internal mechanism which interests us. Once it is deactivated, what was once 'pushing the buttons' will be mere background noise, completely devoid of any effect. This is not insensitivity, it is tuning of the mind towards what is really important instead of being set-up to respond mechanically to base stimuli which only lead to stupid and, at best, counterproductive reactions. The quality of the response will be proportional to the mind's ability to function in calm and quiet clarity. And for this, emotion must be overcome and outgrown. One questions the emotion with the goal of discovering a belief, a value, which is at the root of the emotional response. If you do go ahead and do as I write here, you will eventually come to realize that every single emotion, no matter how great or small, is based in belief. And since this setup allows 'pushing your buttons', in other words, outright manipulating you, you will never be free to live according to your desires until you get rid of all beliefs.

Finding the belief
Questioning the emotion is one thing, and finding the belief-based cause for it is another thing. The belief which underlies any emotion is that which is being challenged in the current situation. At first, the answers to the question put to the emotion may be ambiguous: many beliefs are intermingled in the emotional experience. In such a case, picking any of the lot will do, and as the soul is weeded out of the garbage, which beliefs absolutely are, the answers to the emotional question will become clearer and clearer, allowing a great acceleration of the process, until the beliefs become so subtle that detecting them becomes its own problem. But by that time the mind is so quiet and clear, that devising solutions out of personal creativity is quite feasible, if perhaps more time-consuming than one might hope. The belief responsible for the emotion may well be a deeply-seated value, one believed to hold universal truth. But even that is garbage, for a belief is not REAL even when it seems to hold valid information. It still allows you to be manipulated, thus it impedes your freedom to live according to your personal wishes, and as such it must be removed, sooner or later, or your evolution will be stopped.

Destroying the belief
IT'S ALL IN MY MIND. This is the key element of belief destruction. Beliefs, the act of lending a constant, fixed value to any concept, are completely imaginary. By this I do not mean that we don't really believe what we believe. Oh, we do. But concepts are a figment of the human imagination. The universe is out there with our body, and our whole lives happen within that universe, yet we try to deal with it with minds whose references are somewhere within, in a space that has nothing in common with what is out there. And indeed, concepts only exist within mind, whereas the universe doesn't. If your mind were destroyed, erased, annihilated, will the universe continue? Of course. But your concepts and beliefs will not. They are strictly personal and have no objective reality other than as accumulators of your mind energy, which in a healthy soul, circulates rather than sits there rotting. Beliefs are counter in nature to the universe in which you live your life. Yes, they are absolute garbage, worthless, and yet, the act of believing is lending them a perceived informational, social or even personal, value. That is one epic, humongous mistake. How humanity got so mentally derailed as to come to value them universally is a question for another post, but the evolutionary mind sees the great imperative of putting an end to this grim charade. And thus, strengthened from the realization that all this is absolute fact, strengthened again by the suffering that emotion has brought you, and strengthened yet again some more by your need to conquer yourself, you will direct all of your being's energy as willpower, smashing down the belief by saying to it: you are not real! You are worthless! You are imaginary! I utterly disavow you! And if you realize that these things are fact, the concept will have lost some, or all, of its value in your mind.

You will yet encounter situations which would have triggered a certain emotional response as a result of that belief, and, 'stepping back' from what happens, you will find your response changed, either completely unemotional, or otherwise different. The process is iterative in nature, for the maze of beliefs in the mind is a layered abomination.

Some astute readers will notice that there is a lot in this post which intersects nicely with the buddhist philosophy of impermanence and detachment. Indeed, believing is lending a value of permanence to a concept, which is quite contrary to that philosophy. But I believe this blog does better than even Zen Buddhism: the leap into the great nothing which yields absolute spirit freedom, perfected to a science. I am sure many more of my posts will intersect equally well with other spiritual philosophies, religions and other ideologies. As usual, I welcome comments and questions.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Playing golf in the Quantum State

Achieving the quantum state, where one's mind interacts with the universe according to quantum physics rather than classical physics, may seem like an odd and unusual proposition. Indeed, I was probably the first Author to talk about this back in 2002 on a French-language consciousness forum. Yet because quantum physics ARE the real laws of the universe, and certainly the ones that would allow an extremely free and boundless kind of life for the human race, the goal is very much worth pursuing.

Take for instance the needs for food, a house, money, all the obligations of our world, as well as the very brutal limitations of classical physics, where an object can only be at one place at any given time, cannot travel discontinuously, and cannot pass through other objects without destroying them. These are huge limitations. No bus or bullet will end your life when you live according to quantum physics. You will never be late for an appointment. You will never undergo any kind of stress. Life will hold no mystery, and the universe will be your playground. How superior to the kind of life man has today will this be? Infinitely.

And if a new life awaits in the eternal backstage of the quantum state, with this infinitely superior lifestyle, is it not worth striving for, with all one's will, devotion and intelligence? Each person must answer this for themselves. Only they who know with their entire being that this is the direction they must take, should try and apply anything I will speak of here, for if you will not invest yourself fully, to every last drop of your person and mind, into this endeavor, it will not succeed. The reason is very simple: we are talking here about a complete transformation of the human psyche, an extremely thorough rewiring of the mind. No human being will ever accept to transform themselves as painstakingly and thoroughly as this process requires, unless they KNOW with every fiber of their being that this is what they must do.

This isn't a spiritual quest. We have defined 5 fundamental metrics of evolutionary status of a human being and these should serve the reader in assessing if this kind of transformation should even interest them, other than from a purely theoretical, philosophical, touristic point of view. For only he and she who recognize the tail end of the involution process in their lives should even pay attention to what I write. As such, these writings are not meant to ever become popular. Perhaps a few decades or centuries in the future they will, but for now, this is the absolute fringe of consciousness exploration.

But certainly if we attribute any credibility whatsoever to any "miracles" happening, be they sudden and "impossible" spontaneous healing from incurable diseases, or surviving a plane crash when no one else does, or any other unthinkable fluke of "probability", or even to the legendary stories of Jesus Christ and other great masters, certainly if we look at these things, not one of them is impossible, or even difficult, for a person who interacts with the universe on the quantum level of its reality rather than our brutish form-based solid matter world.

Any normal human being can learn to throw a ball with reasonable accuracy. This suggests that somehow, the person is able to compute gravity, inertia, weight, air resistance, as well as the much more complex matters of how much tension to give to each muscle, in order to perform the exact movement that allows one to perform the throw. The great golfers for example, demonstrate an incredible mastery of classical physical mechanics. And yet, ask them about calculations and equations, they will report knowing nothing and understanding nothing of the sort. But if a golfer is able to put a ball into a tiny hole at 150 yards, via a long airborne flight and a few bounces on the ground, followed by a roll in the precise direction and velocity in order to just reach that hole, somehow, the calculations have been made.

One may be tempted to say that the simple answer is that the body computes these things. Yes, precisely. But the body is part of the person and there is no fundamental reason why the golfer cannot ask his body to let him express the calculations verbally rather than executing them. If the calculations happen inside the body somewhere, and they do, then it follows that there is likely a way to extract that information. Not that this would be useful at all, since the point of playing golf is playing golf, and not doing the equations of physical mechanics.

But this is exactly the point. Mastery of mechanical physics can be attained without any theoretical knowledge of it. Somehow, by "playing with them", the physics reveal themselves and eventually their laws become known and one can play golf. Transpose this now onto the wave-energy level of the universe, where mastery can be achieved simply by "playing with it" and does not require theoretical knowledge. All the particle accelerators will not teach a man to teleport himself through sheer willpower.

This may seem a childish and simple-minded notion to the more prideful intellects. This is expected. Yet, I must point out this: The solid universe is made of quanta. If it is only a "collapse" as I wrote earlier, an interpretative observation if you will, of the quantum energies surrounding us, then there is only to change our interpretative observation into an objective, unfiltered observation in order to meet the quantum state, and play golf on the quantum level of reality, where teleportation, omnipresence, omniscience, and, who knows, possibly even omnipotence, are possible.

Once a mind has crossed back over into the quantum state, coming back to the classical state is not difficult. Indeed, adopting any specific "point of view", even the materialistic one, is easy for the quantum mind, provided it has not forgotten what is really real, and what is just an interpretative observation. As such, reaching the quantum state appears to this author as being the attainment of human potential and the return of its majestic, true greatness.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

5 fundamental metrics of the evolutionary status of a human being

In order to transcend something that limits him, a human being must realize absolutely, by and for himself, that this limitation is the result of his accepting its being there in the first place and his reliance on the kind of thing that it is, a concept. Human beings' limitations are all and only conceptual, as the reality of quantum physics attests. The human must also realize absolutely, by and for himself that it is his most sacred right, his truest calling, his natural state, to be limitless, boundless, infinite in more ways than he could count. And these realizations will, one day, allow him to find interest in the communications of he who knows exactly how to achieve the Quantum State.

But such realizations aren't dreams of the ego's self, seeing itself becoming godlike. They must be much deeper than that. There are evolutionary requirements that must be met before work on achieving the Quantum State should be undertaken, otherwise it is all for naught, all in the name of illusion. The involutionary experience of the human being is characterized by the adoption of a number of traits that seem most beneficial as consciousness evolves. Once one realizes that this process can last indefinitely, and that the fundamental problem of suffering will not, and cannot be ended by this same process, for indeed it is only increased by pursuing its vaunted goals of ever-greater "evolution", only then, can true evolution begin, leaving behind the tumultuous world of involution. Some of the important characteristics of a mind that has reached this stage are thus:

1. Materialistic and spiritualistic tendencies
Materialism to the point of extreme animalistic traits marks the first stage of the so-called human being. It is a pure brute, prone to violence and devoid of regard for the world around them and the people in it. Then this being learns about delayed gratification, and this gives rise to refinements in the psyche. And so on, until its materialistic impulses no longer suffice. This gives rise to spirituality, where the mind seeks to be perfected in an endless process of refinement.

2. Intellect and intuition
Materialistic humans are intrinsically more intellectual than intuitive, even though instinct can sometimes look like intuition to the untrained eye. As the human soul progresses, the need for beauty grows and as such, simple dry intellectual discourse and reasoning start losing their interest, in favor of what seems more "right" or somehow touches the sensitivity of the soul in search of beauty. At its extreme, the intuitive side of the mind brings one to a world of almost pure emotion. It is not a comfortable place, and suffering persists. Again a departure from this duality is required, only this time the evolutionary journey does not require leaving anything behind, but rather a balance between intellect and intuition. Evolution will bring these two psychological processes under the rule of objective Intelligence, cosmic Intelligence, that of the Quantum Mind.

3. Love
Animal humans know "love" as an extension of their instinct for survival to their family. And such, the instinct for protection of the animal mother towards her child is a simple extension of animal instinct. They call it "love" but it is not, for it lacks the respect element of love, the child being treated like very valuable property which one wants to protect from damage. From that point, involution brings the human to eventually start projecting themselves and their fears and pains onto their offspring. This, again, is pure possession, although there is a wrongheaded altruistic tinge to it. Altruism progresses and just before the end of involution, one truly believes that if everyone else were as altruistic as he is, the world would be a beautiful place. Involution may end when one realizes that altruism makes one slave to the perceived needs of others, and that each has the ability to live his life.

4. Pride
Driven firstly by comparison with others, the human animal starts out very quickly in the search for ever-greater pride. Be it by simple size, physical strength, mental prowess, possessions, ability for ruthless violence, all the imaginable flavors exist and yet they boil down to one thing: Positive pride. This kind of pride is here called 'positive' because it so glorifies the self. This kind of pride allows egos to overpower other egos in whatever field it is derived from, and begets yet always more urge to overpower other egos in more and more ways and fields. Then at some point the involving human realizes that this self-aggrandizement creates discontent and unhappiness around him and especially in his own life. Indeed, one cannot become happy while one is still prideful. And at that point, the most extreme of spiritual insult begins: negative pride, also called true modesty. At that stage, one self-deprecates easily, gives precedence to others, and so on, until this suffering and spiritual human realizes that this too, is a process that cannot grant happiness: Negative pride even less so than positive pride. This is a crucial realization for the installation of the true evolutionary impulse into the human's psyche.

5. Selfishness
Obsession with oneself is the standard state of the human animal. Over long periods of involution, this obsession will result into manipulative, cunning, strategic relationships with others which are so valued in business today. And eventually, the human who behaves this way will have experienced enough of the aftermath of his selfishness to start caring about others. At the end of this path is the idea of saving the world, and saving people including from themselves. This generates huge amounts of psychological pain for the human concerned, and eventually one must realize that sacrificing themselves for others will never yield anything for them, as there are a lot of selfish people, who will not even think twice before pillaging everything they can access in a frenzy of consumerist self-absorption. When one realizes that both selfishness and self-sacrifice are destructive and that the alternate, truly beneficial route to take is that of devotion to one's life. Not devotion to one's self, but to one's life. And to this newly evolutionary consciousness, the word 'Life' is now filled with seemingly endless meaning.

* * * * *

Those are 5 of the most important ways in which the animal human experiences life. Firstly a positive polarity is given to a concept, resulting in a belief, and life is lived according to that, among other things. And then, as the involutionary experience continues, these positive polarities grow and grow, attaining a degree which makes their destructiveness obvious. And then, a reversal is undertaken. The involutionary experience continues, now with the polarities reversed, growing until the destructiveness can be perceived by the person with certainty. As this process continues, sooner or later the person realizes that any polarity given to any concept is a deep, destructive mistake and that the human mind can perform very well without valuing concepts.

There are stages in this also: an individual may find that their interests are waning without reason, things that use to be exciting now are meaningless, and so on. This is the result of unconscious depolarization of the mind. This is evolution in action, although one does not realize it. And then there is another stage, where the person realizes exactly what is happening, and why, and where that is taking them, and then they have no other choice but to embrace the process and develop ways to accelerate it as much as possible. This author has developed such ways, although the clamor for their teaching is still inaudible. But such a time WILL come.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Beliefs are the root of all evil

Pride and beliefs are the ultimate justification for the worst horrors of murder and war. And pride can be defined as the psychological result and effect of the belief of what one's value is, so right away, we can strike out pride from the starting sentence and go with just BELIEFS. Indeed, it does seem that they are the root of all evil, so defining what they are, is absolutely required if we are to explore further this matter.

Beliefs are the action and result of valuing concepts. Any concept to which a value is attributed results in a belief. And we have defined concepts here as "a mental representation of an observed aspect of reality". We have further explored the matter, again in the same blog entry, and come to the inevitable conclusion that concepts have no real informational value. As such, valuing something that has no value is absolutely and unequivocally a terrible mistake.

So humans value useless concepts, out of that are borne beliefs, which are then used to justify murder and war, although in such a way that the ridiculousness of this is completely silenced and ignored by these same humans who so pride themselves on their intelligence. And philosophy and religion are more of the same: throwing useless, baseless concepts around, creating new ones, and so on... It is a true vicious cycle: humans do this so as to marvel in the genius of their own intellect. Beliefs beget pride, and pride begets pride.

Humanity has been embarked on this dismal course to self-annihilation for thousands of years. And yet, for the first time, these things are revealed to you, clear as day, in this simple blog. That should tell you something. And it should also remind you that beliefs are the root of all evil, and to never, ever value any concept, including that of yourself. If you do value any concept whatsoever, you can be manipulated through that belief into committing actions that go contrary to what you would normally consider good and right. And doing that is extremely toxic to both yourself and the world around you.

The time has come to fight these tendencies, for they are destroying the human race and the world. And since you already are prideful and believe, what is there to be done about it? How do we heal a mind that is afflicted by the disease of belief?